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Four score and seven years ago, no, no but it was over 4 years ago that the very concept of Green Stem was envisioned. After retiring from the Automotive Corporate world in 2017, an opportunity presented itself for me to re-engage with one of my life’s passions, cannabis.

Our first attempt to break into to legal cannabis world on the east side of the State, failed miserably. However, our family, stumbled upon a small town named Niles, in SW Michigan. We’d never heard of it, but they were accepting applications for two provisioning centers. To our surprise and great joy, we were awarded one of the PC Licenses in Niles. So just like the “Beverly Hillbillies”, we “loaded up the truck and moved…to Niles”. In fact, over a dozen of us east siders, pulled up stakes and headed west. With a lot of effort, hard labor, and my retirement savings GSP was finally established in March of 2020.

I have never been so proud in my 65+ years on this planet than I am of what our family has accomplished. In two+ years we have been able to establish Green Stem as the premier destination in SW Michigan to procure cannabis products and merchandise. I am also proud and very pleased that our families have found our “forever home” in Niles, the new “happiest place on earth”!

As of this writing, Green Stem has expanded to incorporate our new Niles based Grow and Processing facilities at the former Simplicity Patterns complex. You will find our families very own Sticky Mitten Extracts on the shelves now and Simplicity Farm’s Flower soon. I am so much looking forward to Green Stem/Simplicity being a positive force in the revitalization and rebirth of Niles and the greater Michiana area.

- George Lynch, CEO

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“At Green Stem Provisioning we are committed to providing our customers and patients with the highest quality cannabis that SWMI has to offer. Through our commitment to cannabis education, we are able to cultivate an environment of collaborative learning and understanding of the importance of compliance and quality as an intrical cornerstone of our business.” 

                                                                    - Liz Ridgeway, Compliance Manager 

Pictured: George & Denise Lynch


What is the difference between placing an Online Order and Curbside Order? 

The difference between the two is in the ordering stage. An Online Order is placed via the Green Stem website before arriving at the store. A Curbside order is completed upon arriving at the store with a GSP Budtender.

Can I pick up my order the day after placing it?

No. All orders must be picked up on the same day they are placed. We do not hold them overnight.

Where is Green Stem located?

Green Stem is located at 1140 S 11th St in Niles, Michigan. We have parking and entrances accessible from 11th street as well as behind our building on 9th street. The backlot can be accessed from 11th street off Marion street.

Where do I park?

We have two parking lots. One in front of our building and another in back. We recommend the back for more spaces!

Can I shop inside?

Yes. Shopping inside is allowed by appointment and walk-in. We offer time slots on Mondays - Thursdays from 11:00 AM-5:00 PM EST. You can schedule appointments on our website, or by calling the store number at (269) 262-4778. Walk-in service is first come, first serve.

Why can’t I see flower before purchasing?

Our flower is pre-packaged before we put them on our shelves. We do not operate as a “deli-style” provisioning center. 

How do I know what to purchase?

GSP welcomes all cannabis buyers, especially first-timers! If you don’t know what to order, don’t worry. Our budtenders are experts in consumption and have tried the majority of our menu! While we cannot give medical advice, we can always help you find the right product for your desired effects.

How do I apply for a job?

Green Stem is always accepting applications! You can find out more and apply here: https://www.greenstemmi.com/jobs

What payment options are accepted?

Cash and debit are accepted forms of payment. Debit cards will be run through as a cashless ATM. We also have an ATM in our lobby for customer use; some convenience fees may apply.

Can I make a purchase if I am a 18 y/o medical patient?

Yes. If you are 18 or older and have a valid medical card you may make a purchase via Online/Curbside or in-store.

If you are a medical patient under the age of 18, you can make a purchase with your Caregiver via Online or Curbside.

Can I ride my bike there?

Yes. We are located near the Indiana/Michigan River Valley Trail.

Does Green Stem offer delivery?

No. We do not offer these services.

How long should I expect my visit to be?

On average, our curbside wait-time is 8 minutes! Inside visits average between 30-45 minutes, these interactions tend to be more in-depth! Please be advised that during holiday weekends and summer months, wait times might increase.