Reflection on Cannabis Part 3


Greetings and welcome to the Green Stem Provisioning Blog!

First I must warn you, I have never "blogged", I have never even contemplated "blogging"but with this new venture into legal cannabis, I felt that it was necessary to try to communicate as directly as possible with all of our patients and customers. Thus my first attempt at blogging!

My first topic is the elephant in almost everyone's room, "COVID-19". The Pandemic has effected nearly 100% of us in one way or another. Some folks, of course, more more deeply than others. I lost my Aunt Bernice, my Mother's last living sibling, in April and a friendly neighbor of over 40 years, back in my native Massachusetts in May both to COVID. We have an employee that tested positive in late May, who still ...

Reflections on Cannabis past Part 2

After my first experience with cannabis it was several months to my next encounter with the Herb. Sometime in the spring of 1970, I was hanging out again with my cousin Billy and couple of his friends. An older brother of one of Billy's friends, who had recently returned from Vietnam had given his younger brother a couple of joints from his personal stash that he had brought back with him from his tour. Holy shit! Whatever strain that weed was, it was incredible. All I remember was coughing my brains out after each toke and of course the effect. Boom after two hits, I was in a near hallucinogenic state followed by uncontrollable laughter in what seemed like a matter of minutes but in reality...

Reflections on Cannabis "Past"

I thought that I might be interesting to look back on my 50+ years of personal experience with as Bob Marley called it the "righteous Herb". I know that many people might find it boring and uninteresting to dwell and reflect on the past but I have always felt that without knowledge/history/background on a subject, it is difficult to truly put todays experiences with cannabis in the proper perspective. If you don't know how we got here, you will not understand the real essence of the cannabis movement. Please note I am not by any means an expert on the developement and migration of the cannabis industry but I do have personal first hand knowledge of the era termed as the "70's" or as often re...

Welcome Back!

COVID-19 has changed everyone's lives forever but it can't completely destroy all traditions, so with that note we welcome back college students to Michiana! Notre Dame starts classes on the 10th, St Mary's and Holy Cross soon after. We hope that all students, faculty and support staff stay healthly by following the latest Covid prevention policies and practices. We would also like to welcome this same group (if over 21 years of age, 18 and up with Marihuana Medical Card [all/every valid out of State Med cards are accepted]) to visit Green Stem in Niles. We treat every customer with the utmost respect and confidentiality. We can provide consulatation on all of our Cannabis merchandise and ca...