Greetings and welcome to the Green Stem Provisioning Blog!

First I must warn you, I have never "blogged", I have never even contemplated "blogging"but with this new venture into legal cannabis, I felt that it was necessary to try to communicate as directly as possible with all of our patients and customers. Thus my first attempt at blogging!

My first topic is the elephant in almost everyone's room, "COVID-19". The Pandemic has effected nearly 100% of us in one way or another. Some folks, of course, more more deeply than others. I lost my Aunt Bernice, my Mother's last living sibling, in April and a friendly neighbor of over 40 years, back in my native Massachusetts in May both to COVID. We have an employee that tested positive in late May, who still can't return to work because the virus lingers in his system and he has been unable to receive a negative test report, clearing him for reinstatement.

Here at Green Stem Provisioning (GSP) we are taking the pandemic very seriously. We want to ensure that our patients/customers, as well as our employees are keeping as safe and healthy as possible. The wearing of masks and gloves is stricktly enforced. Our employees consistantly clean and disinfect each and every surface that they come in contact with during the course of their shift.

We regularly get the question from patients "when can I come into the facility (GSP) to purchase my medicine/products?" The truthful answer is that we don't really know. First we have a capacity issue. Michigan's ocupancy rules limit the number of people, including employees, that can be in building at one time. GSP now has over 50 employees, 30+ of which work in the facility each day. According to the State's rules we would only be able to allow 3-4 patients/customers into the building at one time. Based on the fact that we are performing, on average, over 500 transactions per day, it would be impossible to conveniently and efficiently service that many people inside the facility. The lines would be enormous and wait times would be extensive. So, GSP has decided, that for the foreseeable future, we will continue to serve you only via online ordering (which we strongly encourage) and cubside service. We truly apologize to those who feel that this policy is an inconvenience but please understand, your/our health and safety is our main priority.