Reflections on Cannabis "Past"

I thought that I might be interesting to look back on my 50+ years of personal experience with as Bob Marley called it the "righteous Herb". I know that many people might find it boring and uninteresting to dwell and reflect on the past but I have always felt that without knowledge/history/background on a subject, it is difficult to truly put todays experiences with cannabis in the proper perspective. If you don't know how we got here, you will not understand the real essence of the cannabis movement. Please note I am not by any means an expert on the developement and migration of the cannabis industry but I do have personal first hand knowledge of the era termed as the "70's" or as often refered to as the time of "sex, drugs and rock'n roll" which was of course the genisis of today's cannabis environment. Let's set the record straight, I was not a "Hippie", I missed that era by about 5-6years. I was however a "freak", the term we affectionately embraced from the disparaging adult "establishment" (think Richard Nixon or Barry Goldwater, sorry just google them). Yes, I had a ponytail and facial hair, yes I wore tie-dye and leather moccasins and of course I smoked "dope"....a lot of it. So to the two martini, white button down shirt and tie with a sports coat gang, I was a freak and proud of it. I could go into the geopolitical atmosphere during these times but I will try to stick closly as possible to actual personal experiences. The natural place to start of course is beginning of my love affair with the "Herb". Well here it goes, Part 1 of my Cannabis saga:

There are several reasons why I decided to reengage with Cannabis, a primary one is that I have been infatuated with the “herb” for now over 50 years. Yes that is correct I was introduced to cannabis on cold October evening in 1969 (2 months shy of my 13th birthday) back in Holyoke Massachusetts by my much older 14 year old cousin Billy and my other much younger cousin Chuck who had just turned 11 two weeks earlier. I can still remember the excitement, the anxiety and the paranoia, even more so, that oh so sweet smell of burning herb. We smoked 3 very skinny joints that night, prerolled in yellow Zig-Zag hemp papers. I can remember that first hit, what a rush, the taste so different, so new and the effect “life changing”. From that point on, I began my quest to smoke the best herb this planet can produce. I however soon began to realize that ambition would prove to be very difficult to achieve in the 1970’s

*to be continued