Reflections on Cannabis past Part 2

After my first experience with cannabis it was several months to my next encounter with the Herb. Sometime in the spring of 1970, I was hanging out again with my cousin Billy and couple of his friends. An older brother of one of Billy's friends, who had recently returned from Vietnam had given his younger brother a couple of joints from his personal stash that he had brought back with him from his tour. Holy shit! Whatever strain that weed was, it was incredible. All I remember was coughing my brains out after each toke and of course the effect. Boom after two hits, I was in a near hallucinogenic state followed by uncontrollable laughter in what seemed like a matter of minutes but in reality was more like a few hours. I also remember riding home that evening on my "playboy bike", with my banana seat, long "sissy bar" and Hot Wheels Red Slick (rear) Tire and having to stop a few times to get re-oriented to where I was going, man that was some real good shit! My next "sesh" was that summer at a "Fat" (New England Blues Band, 2 albums) concert at McKenzie Stadium in my home town of Holyoke. That event, I think was my true coming out party with Cannabis. Again my cousin Billy (you can tell who my influencer was) supplied the stash, about 5 good sized doobies ready to burn. Well we sure did burn those spliffs. That night was the first time I think that I solo danced (think of a Greatful dead concert, I know most of you never attended a GD concert, but if you did you know what I talking about ) I don't remember too much more about that night but from that point on it was official, I was a "pot head"!